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The Bonikka Story

"In 1895 an exquisite porcelain doll was given to a daughter by her father, a symbol of love and security, as she stepped away from the family home at the age of sixteen. The doll was named Monica, and became a steadfast companion as she began her new life, an enduring token of the love of family that is always with you.

As the daughter became a mother with four girls, Monica was passed on to the youngest of them.

A symbol of fatherly love transformed into a representation of the unique bond between mothers and daughters and the special kind of comfort that is a mother's love. 

Monica now sits in the office of this daughter, at a factory producing some of the world's best soft toys and dolls. She is the inspiration behind Bonikka. 

The idea of a treasured first friend, a gift of security from a parent, often handed down through generations, linking each together in bonds of love and shared memories is the essence of the Bonikka brand."


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Honey was awarded Silver in the 2014 Independent Toy Awards.  Congratulations to Honey!   We think she deserves it and is a must buy this Christmas.


A trip to the beach is perfect on these crisp cool Autumn mornings.   Doesn't she look smart?


With her Autumn leaves dress and current Autumn colours, we think Whitney is a must have doll!